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Naples Named One of Happiest Cities in USA

And That Really Makes Us Smile

welcoming-kidsAs the News-Press recently reported:

The University of British Columbia recently ranked Naples as the fourth-happiest place in the U.S. No other Florida city made the study’s top 10, which tabbed Charlottesville, Va., as America’s happiest city after surveying respondents about their life satisfaction. With its abundance of retired CEOs, upscale gated communities and recent spike in tourism jobs, is Naples’ wealth buying its happiness? Naples psychologist Parker Mott believes there’s more to the question.

“To say money is the main factor would be incorrect,” Mott said. “There are so many factors to happiness. Weather plays a big factor here. As you know many residents are from the North and their seasons fluctuate there. It’s like a seasonal depression for them before they move down here and enjoy this 365-day a year sunny weather.

“Retirement as well is a means of success. The retirees often come down here to Naples and are grouped with people who have had financial success in their careers. When you’re with other people who are happy it creates this happy group environment.”

Read the complete article here.

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