14 Reasons to Make Naples Your Home

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14 Excellent Reasons to Make the Move to Naples

Reason #1

Wonderful Weather

people at the beach-57

Imagine never having to pick up a snow shovel again. Why endure those long, gray days of winter that hang around for months up north, while here in Southwest Florida we wake to sunshine every day?  … there’s just no comparison. Naples experiences California-like weather during winter. While our summers are hot and humid, we simply rely on a little invention called air-conditioning that makes those sultry days bearable. Plus, we regularly enjoy a comfortable sea breeze.

Reason #2

Low Cost of Living

It’s a myth that Naples is overpriced and unaffordable. Many people believe that housing, energy costs and property taxes are astronomical. The reality is the typical residential monthly electric bill is $99.95 according to Florida Power & Light (based on 1,000 kWh in January 2014). Compare that with $137.69 in Michigan, $182.72 in New York, and $226.13 in California. And housing … $350,000 will buy you a spacious three-bedroom, two-bath, pool home with a lake or golf course view in Naples, but it will barely afford you a one-room, closet-sized apartment in Manhattan, a cozy two-bedroom condo in Chicago , plus you’d have to shell out an additional $30,000 for a parking spot, or a 1960s, two-bedroom ranch with about 1,000 square feet of living in Napa, California. And property taxes in California, New York and New Jersey will bleed you dry, while here they amount to an average of your home’s assessed fair market value.

Reason #3

Wide Variety of Housing 

Nice Affordable Naples house

While the mega-mansions along the beaches are an amazing spectacle, that level of wealth represents just a small slice of Naples life. Naples offers housing for every lifestyle and every budget. Choose from charming beach cottages, towering beachfront condominiums, custom architectural masterpieces, contemporary single-family homes, condos, villas, carriage and town homes in gated, master-planned communities; expansive horse farms, and manufactured homes.

 Reason #4

Health Sciences Hall exterior-3Abundant Educational Facilities – From Pre-K to MBA 

From infant to teen to college-age to adult education, Naples offers quite an educational selection. The Collier County Public School System has expanded as the area’s population has grown placing schools at every corner of the county and everywhere in-between. Or, if your pocketbook permits, you can send your children to one of the highly regarded private schools. Charter schools are also starting to gain a foothold in Naples. College choices include Hodges University and Florida SouthWestern State College (formerly Edison State College), which are in town, as well as Florida Gulf Coast University, which is just a 30-minute drive away.

Reason #5

Excellent Healthcare 

With highly rated, skilled physicians and surgeons who have a broad range of specialties, and plenty of walk-in clinics, Naples offers a wealth of health-care options. NCH Healthcare System has two hospitals with a total of 715 beds. NCH is also home to the Naples Heart Institute, a dedicated pediatric unit, and the Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging and Rehabilitation.

NCH is also adding another emergency department and medical office complex at Immokalee Road and Collier Boulevard to serve the growing population of eastern Collier County.

Physicians Regional Healthcare System also has two hospitals that provide extensive specialist services, including cardiology, oncology, gastrointestinal care, obstetrics, and pediatrics.

Landmark Hospital is the newest medical facility to come to Naples. Its three-story building located at the corner of Goodlette-Frank and Immokalee roads is the area’s first long-term care hospital with 50 beds focused on patients requiring a lengthy stay.




Naples residents also benefit from a plethora of doctors in every specialty imaginable. In addition to references from friends and colleagues, sites like www.Healthgrades.com will help guide you to the best local physician.

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Reason #6

2012 Farm City BBQ - © Reagan Rule PhotographyMidwestern Friendliness 

The people of Naples are a friendly bunch. And why wouldn’t we be? We get to live in paradise every day. There truly are people here from every corner of the globe and as such they are happy to extend a friendly greeting to those who have just found Naples. No matter where you are originally from, you are sure to find someone here from your home state, maybe even your hometown. We all were new to Naples once!

Reason #7

Unlimited Outdoor Activities 

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There really is no shortage of what you can do here. From tennis and baseball to biking and golf, the Naples outdoors is your sporting paradise. Nearly every community offers some sort of recreation area, and, if not, you can go to one of the many county parks where ball fields, racquetball courts and walking trails abound. Golf is one of our most popular activities and with Naples reputed as having the most holes per capita, it’s easy to understand why.

Reason #8

Boy on the beach-5The Beach and Beyond 

Water is everywhere in Naples, from canals and backwater bays to the Gulf of Mexico itself, making boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding and fishing all popular activities. The endless stretches of Naples beaches are open to the public. In the city of Naples, every road from 7th Avenue North to 18th Avenue South ends at the beach offering residents and visitors plenty of parking spaces. Up in North Naples, you’ll find parking garages, county parks and a state park that provide access to the beaches. Residents even get free beach parking stickers from the county.

Reason #9

big white bird-6The Wildlife 

An extraordinary range of wildlife flourishes here in Southwest Florida. The birds alone, from the ibis to the blue heron to the anhinga, are amazing creatures, but the area is also known for its alligators, panthers and tortoises. Though it’s rare that you’ll cross paths with some of these animals unless you’re at an area attraction, it’s nice to know who we’re sharing the land with.

Reason #10

Year-Round Flowers and Greenery 


Forget gray and gloomy northern winters where the grass is brown and the trees are bare for half the year..  In Naples, no matter what side of the bed you happen to wake up on, what a pleasure it is to look outside and be surrounded by a lush landscape. Trees remain green and palms flourish year-round. Heavenly Hibiscus, beautiful Bougainvillea, and dozens more flowering plants brighten our landscape 12 months a year. We even boast landscaped medians that make driving along Naples’ roadways a pleasant experience.

Reason #11

So Many Restaurants

Courtesy: Seasons 52

Courtesy: Seasons 52

No matter what you’re craving or what you want to pay, you’ll find just the right Naples restaurant to please your palette and your purse. High-end, low-end, fast food, fine dining, pizza parlors, fish houses, romantic rendezvous, family-style eateries, healthy alternatives, waterfront cafes … they are all here. With more than 400 restaurants in Naples, you could eat at a different one every night for a year and still not hit them all.

Reason #12

Entertainment and Attractions

boy feeding giraffe-8

Living in a vacation area has its perks. Whether you’re out for the day with the kids, your partner or a group of friends, there is no shortage of things to do and see in Naples. The area has its own zoo, botanical garden, philharmonic center, art and history museums, sightseeing cruises, water parks … plus the Everglades is right in our back yard. Full-time residents can feel like tourists whenever the mood strikes because there is always an event or an attraction begging to be discovered.

Reason #13

Shopping, Shopping & More Shopping


As a relatively small town, Naples has a surprising abundance of shopping choices from Saks and Nordstrom to Walmart and Costco. We benefit from the many malls, strip plazas, boutiques, outlets, galleries and outdoor promenades boasting high-end retailers to a unique collection of independent stores.

Reason #14

Lots of Arts, Culture & Music

Abba at Naples Philharmonic

There is never a shortage of things to do and see here, and given its reputation as a world-class destination, Naples attracts some big-name talent to its Artis—Naples (formerly the Philharmonic of Naples), Naples Museum of Art and Germain Arena. Your calendar is sure to be full year round of musical acts, gallery viewings, comedy shows and more.


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